Creative Solutions from READ Salads

Does panic set in when you’re getting ready to cook and you realize you don’t have an ingredient or the correct sized pan? Often there are solutions right in your kitchen!

The internet has many excellent substitution lists, as do cookbooks. Always turn to a reliable source. And, always keep in mind what kind of recipe you’re making.  For example, if you need a substitute for white wine, either chicken or vegetable broth would work just fine in a savory dish like a casserole or sauce.  But not in a dessert. Think about white grape juice or apple juice to replace the wine in this case.

In a recipe calling for diced or chopped Aunt Nellie’s Pickled Beets, you have many choices for substitutions. Chopped or diced pickled beets can be made from whole or sliced pickled beets or baby whole pickled beets. Or try individual serving-size cups of diced pickled beets…they make a quick and easy substitution, plus they’re great for making a recipe for one or two instead of opening a jar of beets.



Have you ever thought about using drained Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage in place of sauerkraut in a Reuben sandwich, for example, or in a dish such as choucroute garni? It’s a great substitute…it’s just a bit milder flavor than sauerkraut.  Try it as a pasta sauce ingredient in place of the usual tomatoes. Once you get started, you’ll think of lots of ways to use an addition to vegetable-based soup or as the base for bacon jam, for example.

Pantry staples READ Bean Salads can come to the rescue is so many ways.  Straight from the can, they are a ready-to eat accompaniment when you’ve forgotten to plan ahead, so always keep them on-hand in the pantry.  Or with a few additions, they can become a main dish in minutes.



Southwestern Bean Salad can substitute for kidney, pinto or other beans in chili or soup. For the quickest bean soup ever, coarsely mash about half the can or bean salad, add to sauce pan with remaining salad. Add on-hand vegetables like diced onion, celery, carrots, tomatoes, garlic. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer until the veggies are cooked. Add water or broth if needed for the consistency you like. Seasonings such as chili powder, cumin, black pepper, oregano can also be added. Stir in chopped spinach or kale at the end of cooking for another nutrition boost.

Wondering about 3 and 4 Bean Salads and how they can become mealtime solutions? Check these out:

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Share one of your memorable kitchen dilemmas with us and tell us how you fixed it. The first 3 solutions submitted will receive coupons for free Aunt Nellie's and READ Salads products along with a $10 gift card! Comment below!