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Whether it’s a collection of cousins or your old school chums, reuniting with loved ones can be joyous and reaffirming. To make any gathering a special one, READ Salads has created the ultimate go-to resource to help you plan your next (or first) reunion celebration.  We’ve collected tips, tricks and table trimmings that’ll delight your guests and calm your nerves. Consider it your virtual reunion assistant. Enter the sweepstakes below!

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You’ve Got This!

Whether you’re a rookie or a pro at organizing reunions, everyone could use a helping hand...and READ is here to help! We’ve gathered a collection of tips on making every step of the party easier for you and enlisted the help of four leading bloggers to share their take at the perfect gathering. Come back each week during June 2019 for new content! 

It's So Worth It

A reunion is the perfect way to stay in touch, bridge the generation gap and rekindle old bonds. 

Gathering The Troops

Step one in planning a reunion is collecting the contact information of all who should be invited.  But how to best do that in these days where family members and friends are spread out all over the country?

Making It Happen

What’s the best way to ensure a successful family reunion? The difference is in the details. 

Feeding the Soul (and Appetite)

Whether it’s for five or 50 people, food is foremost when it comes to gathering a group of friends and family together.

Latest Recipe

German Potato Breakfast Casserole

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Pass the Traditions, Please

In addition to seeing family and friends, everyone will be interested in seeing what’s on the menu! Here are some of READ’s most treasured recipes that will be perfect for your reunion table. Mix them in with grandma’s famous dishes as well as your own new creations.  Serve one or serve them all – your guests will appreciate all your hard work (but only you need to know that these were a breeze to whip up.)

Caprese 3 Bean and Salami Salad

Caprese 3 Bean and Salami Salad

Mexican Avocado, Corn and Three Bean Salad

Mexican Avocado, Corn and Three Bean Salad

Middle Eastern-Inspired Bean Salad

Middle Eastern-Inspired Bean Salad

Southwest Bean & Vegetable Salad

Southwest Bean & Vegetable Salad

Italian Bean and Pasta Salad

Italian Bean and Pasta Salad